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These names were taken from directories published for the Shawsheen Village Women's Club for the years shown.  
There is no copyright notice for any of these.  The information included depends on the year published but can include
spouse's name, current address and death year for some members.  These also included the bylaws for the Club,
however those are not listed here.  

                                                 1937-1938 Member List:

Anderson, Miss Ethel B. 37 Lowell St.
Anderson, Miss Florence E. 13 Maple Ave.
Anderson, Mrs. Frank P. (Ina), 885 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
Anderson, Miss Rhoda 3 William St.
Auty, Mrs. Sarah 43 Balmoral St.

Bailey, Mrs. Charles J. (Mary) 46 Chestnut tS.
Bailey, Miss Mary G. 46 Chestnut St.
Baldwin, Mrs. James R. (Lila) 19 William St.
Bartlett, Mrs. Frank B. (Luella) 363 No. Main St.
Batal, Mrs. John T. (Mary) 4 William St.
Best, Mrs. George C. (Nellie) 22 William St.
Birdsall, Mrs. John M. (Ruth) Ward Hill
Brannan, Mrs. Fred B. (Marcia) 54 Whittier St.
Brown, Mrs. Harrison (Jessie) 104 Chestnut St.
Brown, Mrs. Henson (Marjory) 32 York St.
Bruorton, Miss Barbara 33 York St.
Burke, Mrs. Michael (Sarah) 383 No. Main St.
Burns, Mrs. Matthew, (Losina) 73 Lowell St.
Burtt, Mrs. J. Albion (Carolyn) 72 Chestnut St.
Bushold, Mrs. Charles (Louise) 6 Carisbrooke St.

Calnan, Mrs. Fred C. (Catherine) 4 Kensington St.
Carey, Mrs. Edward J. (Edna) 33 Balmoral St.
Casey, Mrs. Owen (Catherine) Lowell St.
Chase, Miss Alice 13 Canterbury St.
Chase, Mrs. Garfield S. (Harriet) 13 Canterbury St.
Cheney, Mrs. Paul (Florence) 17 Canterbury St.
Christie, Mrs. James. P. (Thelma) 4 Arundel St.
Collins, Mrs. J. Everett (Elizabeth) 35 Summer St.
Cramer, Mrs. Howard C. (Lillian) 3 Windsor St.
Cregg, Mrs. Herbert A. (Florence) 354 No. Main St.
Curran, Mrs. Maurice J. (Abigail) 250 No. Main St.
Curtis, Mrs. Albert E. (Irma) 10 Canterbury St.
Curtis, Mrs. Walter E. (Louise) Dascomb Road
Crompton, Mrs. Kenneth 20 Smith St., Lawrence

Dean, Mrs. Edward P. (Jane) 28 Wolcott Ave.
Dean, Mrs. James L. (Marion) 8 Kensington St.
Dolan, Mrs. Howard (Mildred), 96 Nesmith St., Lawrence
Donovan, Mrs. Harry (Ruth) 1 Arundel St.
Driscoll, Mrs. Cornelius P. (Grace) 19 Kenilworth St.

Edgerton, Mrs. Earle M. Prospect St., Methuen

Field, Mrs. Leon (Pauline) 5 Wolcott Ave.
Foster, Mrs. William P. (Irene) 96 Central St.
Franklin, Mrs. John (Harriet) 5 Woodland Rd.
Frederickson, Mrs. Charles (Mary) 51 Maple Ave.

Gagne, Mrs. Joseph T. (Dorothy) 5 Kensington St.

Hansen, Mrs. Lorentz I. (Ferne) 7 Dumbarton St.
Hargedon, Mrs. Joseph M. (Gertrude) 1 Windsor St.
Harnedy, Miss Anne 24 Summer St.
Higgins, Mrs. Frederick A. (Katherine), 17 Quincy St., Methuen
Hill, Mrs. John K. (Margaret) Lowell St.
Holt, Mrs. H. Garrison (Helen) 9 Canterbury St.
Houston, Miss Florence 354 No. Main St.
Houston, Mrs. Harold A. (Alida) 8 Canterbury St.
Howe, Mrs. Raymond W. (Clara) 19 Arundel St.

Innes, Mrs. Andrew (Grace) Haggett's Pond Rd.

Jackson, Mrs. Arthur (Helen) 223 Main St.
Johnson, Mrs. Frank E. (Ann), 360 Andover St., No. Andover
Johnson, Mrs. Leonard P. (Margaret) 22 York St.

Kefferstan, Mrs. Frank J. (Gertrude) 115 Haverhill St.
Knowles, Mrs. A. E. (Edith) Coolidge Rd.
Kurth, Mrs. William W. (Isabel) 300 No. Main St.

Lamondra, Mrs. John (Elinor) Derry, N. H.
Lane, Mrs. Michael J. (Isabelle) 2 William St.
Lawson, Mrs. David R. (Florence) 24 Wolcott Ave.
Lawson, Mrs. Edward R. (Elizabeth) 51 Maple Ave.
Lewis, Mrs. Ellsworth (Hilda) 1 Sherbourne St.
Lindsay, Mrs. Stafford A. (Edith) 6 Argyle St.
Lovely, Mrs. Eugene V. (Isabell) Allen Court
Lynch, Mrs. John M. (Margaret) 36 Union St.
Lyons, Mrs. Charles (Mary) 4 Coolidge Rd., Woburn

MacMackin, Mrs. Frank R. (Oletha), 17 Carisbrooke St.
Malley, Mrs. Albert J. (Mary) 17 Arundel St.
Mawn, Mrs. Leo J. (Beatrice) 22 Arundel St.
McFarlane, Mrs. E. Taber (Margaret) 95 Elm St.
McLay, Miss Margaret D., 124 Mass. Ave., No. Andover
Mellen, Mrs. George A. (Maude) 5 William St.
Merchant, Mrs. William (Ethel) 16 Canterbury St.
Mill, Mrs. Victor J. (Josephine) 1 William St.
Morrison, Mrs. Alexander (Mildred) 5 Canterbury St.
Murphy, Mrs. John (Elizabeth), 131 No. Peters St., No. Andover

Northey, Mrs. Clayton H. (Helen) 81 Lowell St.
Norwood, Mrs. George D. (Gertrude) 36 Union St.
Nutton, Mrs. Percy (Frances) 10 Carisbrooke St.

O'Hara, Mrs. Robert W. (Dora) 2 Florence St.
Olliff, Miss Alice 4 Carmel Rd.

Patterson, Mrs. Robert (Ann) Johnson Rd.
Pedlow, Mrs. William J. (Iva), 10 Belmont St., Lawrence
Peters, Mrs. Harold L. (Grace) Lowell St.
Peters, Mrs. Thomas (Isabella) 37 Lowell St.
Pidgeon, Mrs. Alfred (Nora) 41 Balmoral St.
Poland, Mrs. William (Eva) 12 Arundel St.
Pray, Mrs. Philip C. (Ruth) 117 Lowell St.

Rasmussen, Mrs. John (Ebba) Lowell St.
Robinson, Miss Mary A. 40 Union St.
Rutter, Mrs. Earle R. (Marie) 11 Carlisle St.

Sawyer, Mrs. Charles F. (Agnes), 281 So. Broadway, Lawrence
Schubert, Mrs. Benjamin Chandler Rd.
Schueler, Mrs. Fred (Esther) 4 Argyle St.
Shepard, Mrs. Howell F. (Constance) Dascomb Rd.
Simmers, Mrs. Henry J. (Wilhelmina) 22 Enmore St.
Smith, Mrs. Frederick C. (Louise) 23 Canterbury St.
Steinert, Mrs. Arthur E. (Edna) 1 Union St.
Stevens, Mrs. Clinton H. (Edith) 72 Morton St.
Stone, Miss Anne 4 Punchard Ave.

Thompson, Mrs. Gordon (Louise) 9 Arundel St.
Thurston, Miss Vera 101 Elm St.
Tomlinson, Mrs. Walter C. (Alicia) 13 York St.
Trow, Mrs. William A. (Florence) 31 Lowell St.
Twomey, Mrs. Jeremiah (Hilda) 20 Haverhill St.

Utley, Mrs. H. Lester (Anna) 11 Carisbrooke St.

Waddington, Mrs. Earl J. (Isabelle) 84 Walnut Ave.
Wade, Mrs. Albert N. (Frances) 91 Lowell St.
Walker, Mrs. Vernon R. (Mae) 22 Summer St.
Ward, Mrs. Frank W., Jr. (Alice) 20 Riverina Rd.
Ware, Mrs. Charles S. (Mary) 21 William St.
Webster, Mrs. Walter (Florence) 11 Kenilworth St.
Weldon, Mrs. George F. (Agnes) 3 Wolcott Ave.
Whalen, Mrs. M. Joseph (Eleanor) Rear 78 Main St.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Raymond (Ruth) 20 Canterbury St.
Williams, Mrs. Edward C., Jr. (Doris) 10 Sterling St.
Winslow, Mrs. George H. (Mary) Lowell Rd.

Zink, Mrs. Alvin J. (Ethel) Chester St., Ballardvale

Honorary Members

Carter, Mrs. Emma Gould Chestnut St.
Fischer, Mrs. Albert B. 37 Enmore St.
Porter, Mrs. Harry Boone Louisville, Kentucky
Wood, Mrs. William W. 21 Fairfield St., Boston

In Memoriam

Mrs. Rhoda Lamb, 1922
Mrs. May McGrath, 1923
Mrs. Fanny Tolman, 1925
Mrs. Bertha N. Jenkins, 1925
Miss Lena M. Cook, 1926
Mrs. Alexander Livingstone, 1927
Mrs. Walter Kaye, 1927
Mrs. Harriet Sprickler, 1927
Mrs. Granville Cutler, 1928
Mrs. William H. Ross, 1929
Mrs. Frank Valpey, 1929
Miss Sarah MacKeown, 1930
Mrs. John H. Playdon, 1932
Mrs. Louis A. Holt, 1932
Mrs. William Thompson, 1935
Mrs. Thomas Hendrick, 1937
Andover Genes
 ... for those with roots in Andover, MA.