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These names were taken from directories published for the Shawsheen Village Women's Club for the years shown.  
There is no copyright notice for any of these.  The information included depends on the year published but can include
spouse's name, current address and death year for some members.  These also included the bylaws for the Club,
however those are not listed here.  

                                                     1926-1927 Member List:

Allen, Mrs. Otis (Annie), 22 Broadway, Watertown, Mass.
Ambye, Mrs. C. Leroy (Ethel), 15 Argyle St.
Anderson, Miss Ethel B., 37 Lowell St.
Anderson, Miss Florence, 5 Maple Ave.
Anderson, Mrs. Frank P. (Ina A.), 7 Binney St.
Anderson, Miss Rhoda, 94 Poor St.
Ashburn, Mrs. James R. (Clara), 135 Haverhill St.
Auty, Mrs. Sarah, 32 York St.

Babb, Mrs. Benjamin (Annie), 41 Lowell St.
Bailey, Mrs. Charles J. (Gertrude) 17 York St.
Baillie, Mrs. James (Margaret), 366 No. Main St.
Baldwin, Mrs. Frank A. (Nellie C.), 13 Carisbrooke St.
Barlow, Mrs. Russell (Florence), 13 Arundel St.
Bartlett, Mrs. Frank B. (Luella A.), 363 No. Main St.
Best, Mrs. George C. (Nellie), 8 William St.
Bevington, Mrs. Ralph W., 3 Windsor St.
Blades, Mrs. Phiillip B. (Anna), 46 York St.
Blake, Mrs. Fraser (Ethel Mildred), 19 Kenilworth St.
Blamire, Mrs. Alexander (Belle P.) 19 Balmoral St.
Blanchard, Mrs. Frederick (Fanny), 3 Carisbrooke St.
Bradbury, Mrs. Royal (Agatha), 3 Kensington St.
Brannan, Mrs. F. B. (Marcia C.), 15 York St.
Brown, Mrs. Needham B. (Elizabeth A.), 1 Carisbrooke St.
Burns, Mrs. Matthew (Lorina), 6 Dumbarton St.
Burtt, Mrs. J. Albion (Carolyn R.), 72 Chestnut St.
Bushold, Mrs. Fred G. (Mildred Edith), 388 No. Main

Cates, Mrs. H,arold B. (Irene), 283 No. Main St.
Chase, Mrs. Garfield S. (Harriet), 13 Canterbury St.
Christie, Mrs. George A. (Margaret A.), 7 Arundel St.
Christie, Mrs. James P. (Thelma), 11 Arundel St.
Clark, Mrs. A. F. K. (Effie M.), Kenilworth St.
Clark, Mrs. Dana W. (Bertha C.), 60 Maple Ave.
Collins, Mrs. Everett (Elizabeth), 42 York St.
Cook, Mrs. Charles S. (Ida M.), 12 William St.
Cook, Miss Lena M., Shawsheen Manor
Coolidge, Mrs. Clarence W. (Addie E.), Mount Vernon Avenue, Melrose, Mass.
Curran, Miss Margaret, 250 No. Main St.
Curran, Mrs. Maurice J. (Abigail), 250 No. Main St.
Currier, Mrs. Willard A. (Gertrude), 9 Kensington St.
Cutler, Mrs. Granville K. (Gertrude B.), Lowell St.
Davidson, Mrs. Minnie E., 13 William St.
Davis, Mrs. Richard (Florence), 5 Stirling St.
DeAcutis, Mrs. Joseph (Jean), Shawsheen Manor
Doherty, Mrs. William J. (Josephine), 21 Harding St.
Donald, Miss Edith, 9 Union St.
Donovan, Grace G., (associate), 78 Salem St., Lawrence
Dunton, Mrs. Sewell N. (Katherine), 130 Forest St., Winchester, Mass.

Ennis, Mrs. Albert W. (Aida B.), 11 Canterbury St.
Erving, Mrs. John (Ruth), 14 Carisbrooke St.

Fischer, Mrs. Albert B. (Agnes K.), 269 No. Main St.
Fleming, Mrs. William A. (Alice W.), Summer St.
Ford, Mrs. William C. (Mary A.), 13 York St.
Franklin, Mrs. John (Harriet C.), 5 Woodland Rd.
Franz, M,rs. Robert (Bessie), 187 No. Main St.
Fraser, Mrs. James (Elizabeth), 86 Poor St.
Frye, Mrs. Blanchard (Beatrice), Elm St.
Frye, Mrs. Harold Livingstone (Agnes Bennett), 5 Windsor St.
Frederickson, Mrs. Charles (Mary J.), 21 Arundel St.
Fursman, Mrs. James S. (Isabel), 12 Carisbrooke St.

Gabeler, Mrs. W. A. (Helene R.), 20 William St.
Gahm, Mrs. George L. (Helen C.), 5 William St.
Galloway, Mrs. F. H. (Marion Beach), 11 William St.
Gerrish, Mrs. G. Howard (Hester), 6 William St.
Goodrich, Mrs. Byron (Ethel), 14 Arundel St.
Graham, Mrs. Geo. L. (Annie D.), 14 William St.
Green, Mrs. William (Mabel), 13 Argyle St.
Griffin, Mrs. Arthur G. (Mary B.), 8 Kensington St.
Hall, Mrs. Roy W. (He1en W.), 53 Poor St.
Hannapel, Miss Louise J., 250 No. Main St.
Hardy, Mrs. Frank H. (Edith S.), Shawsheen Rd.
Harig, Mrs. Bernard (Harriet S.), 1 Kensington St.
Harig, Mrs. Karl G. (Anna C.), 359 1-2 No. Main St.
Hart, Mrs. Henry E. (Anita), 20 Haverhill St.
Hartigan, Mrs. David (Mary), Hartigan Ct.
Hathaway, Mrs. Harold (Theodora), 7 Carisbrooke St.
Haywood, Mrs. Ada, 29 Morton St.
Hendrick, Mrs. Thomas (Anna), 365 No. Main St.
Herrick, Mrs. Lester (Ida), 2 Arundel St.
Hill, Mrs. Charlotte M., 39 Enmore St.
Hill, Mrs. Edmund B. (Margery), 13 Carlisle St.
Hill, Mrs. Harry M. (S. Edna), 17 Carisbrooke St.
Hill, Mrs. Harold S. (Onida M.), Carisbrooke St.
Hill, Mrs. John K. (Margaret), 15 Carlisle St.
Holt, Mrs. H. Garrison (Helen L.), 34 Haverhill St.
Holt, Mrs. Louis A. (Gertrude B), 12 Canterbury St.
Holt, Mrs. Percy R. (Mary S.), 16 Carisbrooke St.
Hood, Mrs. John M. (Marie W.), 3 York St.
Horman, Mrs. Augustine F. (Carolyn S.), Lowell St.
Horne, Mrs. John (Evelyn M.), 60 Abbott St., Lawrence
Houston, Mrs. Harold T. (Alida), 8 Canterbury St.
Howe, Mrs. Raymond W. (Clara), 89 Burnham Rd.
Huggins, Mrs. Austin C. (Lena), 61 Haverhill St.

Jennings, Mrs. J. Frank (Alice), 7 Windsor St.
Johnson, Mrs. C. A. (Martha J.), Lowell St.
Johnson, Mrs. Eric W. (Eleanor), 367 No. Main St.
Johnson, Mrs. Frank E. (Ann), (associate), 360 Andover St., No. Andover

Kaye, Mrs. Walter (Mary A.), Lowell St.
Kitchin, Mrs. Donald (Evelyn), 24 Arundel St.
Kitchin, Mrs. Harold P., 15 Arundel St.
Knipe, Mrs. Wilson (Edith), 17 Maple Ave.
Kress, Mrs. Fred (Winifred), Lowell St.

Lane, Mrs. Theron, 75 Salem St.
Lawson, Mrs. Edward (Elizabeth F.), 16 Arundel St.
Lewis, Miss Helen M., 128 Lowell St.
Lindsay, Mrs. Carl N. (Mary E.), 8 Dumbarton St.
Lindsay, Mrs. Stafford (Edith S.), 50 York St.
Livingstone, Mrs. Alexander (Clara), 18 Cedar St.
Newton Center, Mass.
Lovely, Mrs. E. V., 10 Carisbrooke St.

MacMackin, Mrs. Frank R. (Oletha), 9 Carisbrooke St.
Mahoney, Miss Elizabeth, 275 No. Main St.
Mahoney, Mrs. Daniel J., 275 No. Main St.
MacLellan, Mrs. George E. (Marion), 14 Canterbury St.
Malley, Mrs. Albert J. (Mary), 17 Arundel St.
Manning, Mrs. Fred D. (Florence), 74 poor St.
Marsh, Mrs. Aide M., 13 Arundel St.
McLay, Miss Margaret D., Merchants Building
Merrill, Mrs. H. H. (Gertrude), 15 William St.
Miller, Mrs. Joseph A. (Jessie K ), 56 poor St.
Mooar, Mrs. Philip C. (Mary R.), 108 Lowell St.
Moore, Mrs. Albert J. (Agnes W.), 9 Lowell St.
Morrisey, Mrs. William (Barbara C.), 66 Poor St.
Morrison, Mrs. Alexander (Mildred W.), 5 Canterbury St.
Morrison, Mrs. Frederick H. (Mae W.), 5 Sutherland St.
Mullen, Mrs. Charles King (Helen), Florence St.
Murray, Mrs. George R. (Christina), 19 Magnolia Ave.
Neilson, Mrs. George T. (Evelyn), 2 Carisbrooke St.
North, Mrs. Clifford (Arline), 7 Arundel St.
North, Mrs. Harry C. (Ella), 76 Poor St.

Peters, Mrs. Harold W. (Grace), 10 Sterling
Peters, Miss Isabelle S., 37 Lowell St.
Peters, Mrs. Thomas (Isabella S.), 37 Lowell St.
Phelps, Miss Emma M., 86 Lowell St.
Playdon, Mrs. J. H. (Adelaide), 35 Lowell St.
Poland, Mrs. Frank (Jessie), 96 Poor St.
Pritchard, Mrs. Edward (Nettie), 29 Morton St.
Pugh, Mrs. Joseph J. (Emilie), 9 York St.

Reynolds, Miss Isabel (associate), Phillips Court, No. Andover
Rice, Mrs. Paul M. (Elizabeth E.), 19 William St.
Richard, Mrs. R. A. (Una), 4 York St.
Rickard, Mrs. Edward M. (Vina), 240 No. Main St.
Robbins, Mrs. Calvin B. (Cora), 14 Argyle St.
Robinson, Miss Mary A., 40 Union St.
Rohrer, Mrs. Arthur (Regina), 2 William St.

Saville, Mrs. Walter (Leila Head), 384 St.
Sawyer, Mrs. Charles F. (Agnes), 40 No. Main St.
Scanlon, Mrs. Wm. J. (Florence) 23 Arundel St.
Schierenbeck, Mrs. William (Cora), 4 Sutherland St.

Schwarz, Mrs. Ferdinand (Helen), The Cedars, 341Main St.
Shaw, Mrs. Irving (Hazel), 102 Burrnham Rd.
Shaw, Mrs. Mary E., 102 Burnham Rd.
Shulze, Mrs. Emil J. C.,76 Pool St.
Simmers, Mrs. Henry (Willimena L.), 277 No. Main St.
Smith, Mrs. Fred C. (Louise E.), 28 York St.
Smith, Miss Martha, 95 Elm St.
Smith. Miss Roxie, Sherburne St.
Spickler, Mrs. Harriet, Lowell St.
Spragg, Mrs. William E. (Grace), 4Kensington St.
Stevens, Mrs. Clinton H. (Edith), 11Argyle St.
Stickney. Miss Rachel, Sherburne St.
Stowers, Mrs. Nathaniel (Anna M.), 84 Main St
Stubbs, Mrs. Abbie, 363 No. Main St.

Tainsch, Mrs. Alexander (Jessie R.), 52 York St.
Temple, Mrs. Kirke G., 1 Punchard Ave.
Trow, Mrs. William A. (Amy F.), 31 Lowell St.

Valpey, Mrs. Frank (Abbie H.), 7 York St.

Wade, Mrs. Albert N. (Frances), 4 Carisbrooke St.
Walker, Mrs. Vernon R. (Mae V.), 65 Lowell St.
Wallace, Mrs. Alexander (Alice), Sherburne St.
Ward, Miss Dora A., 71 Lowell St.
Waugh, Mrs. Clarence (Hazel), 18 William St.
Welch, Mrs. William H. (Catherine), 58 Summer St.
Weldon, Mrs. George (Agnes), 361 No. Main St.
Whiting, Mrs. Frank (Sophia H.), 9 Maple Ave.
Wilfling, Mrs. William (Ina Johanna), 374 No. Main St.
Williams, Mrs. Wolcott, (Dorothy K.), 61 Haverhill St.
Willis, Mrs. Hurburt (Flora), Bartlet St.
Wilson, Mrs. Francis E. (Olive Clapp), 4 Arundel St.
Winsrow, Mrs. George H. (Mary D.), Lowell St.
Wood, Mrs. Cornelius A. (Murile P.), 18 Poor St.
Wood, Miss Rosalind, Arden

Honorary Members:

Carter, Mrs. Donald, 20 Allyn Terrace, Lawrence, Mass.
Wood, Mrs. William M., 21 Fairfield St., Boston, Mass.
Wood, Mrs. William M. Jr., 25 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.
Andover Genes
   ... for those with roots in Andover, MA.