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These names were taken from directories published for the Shawsheen Village Women's Club for the years shown.  
There is no copyright notice for any of these.  The information included depends on the year published but can include
spouse's name, current address and death year for some members.  These also included the bylaws for the Club,
however those are not listed here.  

                                     1923-1924 Member List:

Abbott, Ethel M. (Mrs. Gayton), Carisbrooke St.
Abel, Ruth (Mrs. Fred), 3 Dumbarton St.
Allen, Grace T. (Mrs. Thomas R), 1 Union St.
Ambye, Ethel C. (Mrs. C. Leroy), 15 Argyle St.
Anderson, Ina A. (Mrs. Frank P.), 96 Poor St.
Anderson, Ethel B. (Miss); Lowell St.
Anderson, Rhoda (Miss), 94 Poor St.
Anderson, Florence (Miss), 5 Maple Ave.
Auty, Sarah (Mrs.), York St.

Babb, Annie (Mrs. Benjamin), 41 Lowell St.
Bailey, Gertrude (Mrs. Charles J.), 11 York St.
Bartlett, Luella A. (Mrs. Frank B.), 363 No. Main St.
Baxter, Margaret (Mrs. George), Lowell St.
Best, Nellie (Mrs. George C.), 8 William St.
Billington, Helen (Mrs. Harry C.), 9 Canterbury St.
Bisbee, Anna J. (Mrs. Jesse D.), 366 No. Main St.
Blacldock, Mary E. (Mrs. William), 9 York St.
Blades, Anna (Mrs. Phillips B.), 148 Burnham Road
Blanchard, Fanny (Mrs. Frederick), 3 Carisbrooke St.
Boutwell, Florence B. (Mrs. Winthrop S.), Lowell St.
Bredbury, Annie G. (Mrs. Thomas), 52 York St.
Bridges, Virginia H. (Mrs. Mathias V.), 6 Windsor St.
Brown, Alice (Mrs. Walter), Argyle St.
Buchan, Annie P. (Mrs. John S.), Lincoln St.
Buckley, Helen B. (Mrs. Charles), Shawsheen Manor
Burns, Lorina (Mrs. Matthew), 6 Dumbarton St. 7
Burtt, Carolyn R. (Mrs. Albion J.), 72 Chestnut St.

Carmichael, Lillian H. (Mrs. Leslie), Haverhill St.
Carter, Emma G. (Mrs. Donald M.), 38 York St.
Cates, Irene (Mrs. Harold B.), 283 No. Main St.
Chase, Harriet (Mrs. Garfield S.), 367 No. Main St.
Clark, Bertha C. (Mrs. Dana W.), 60 Maple Ave.
Clark, Anna M. (Mrs. Frederick M.), 11 Carlisle St.
Coolidge, Addie E. (Mrs. Clarence W.), 26 Haverhill St.
Corcoran, Katherine (Mrs. Charles M.), 13 Argyle St.
Cross, Amy (Mrs. Edward M.), 374 No. Main St.
Curran, Margaret (Miss), 250 No. Main St.
Cutler, Gertrude . B. (Mrs. Granville K.), Lowell St.

Daley, Mary J. (Mrs.), 7 Carlisle St.
Davis, Florence (Mrs. Richard), 5 Sterling St.
Deacon, Ida M. (Mrs. William), Kenilworth Court
DeAcutis, Jean (Mrs. Joseph), Shawsheen Manor
DeCamp, Clara T. (Mrs. Theodore), 3 Windsor St.
Dodge, Florence B. (Mrs. Arthur), 10 Carisbrooke St.
Donald, Clara C. (Mrs. Walter), 9 Union St.
Donald, Edith (Miss), 9 Union St.
Donald, Edith J. (Mrs. Douglas), 10 William St.
Dunnells, Sadie W. (Mrs. George), 6 Sutherland St.
Dunnells, Ruth (Miss), 6 Sutherland St.
Dunton, Katherine (Mrs. Sewell N.), 9 Canterbury St.

Ennis, Aida B. (Mrs. Albert W.), 11 Canterbury St.

Fischer, Agnes K. (Mrs. Albert B.), 269 No. Main St.
Fraser, Agnes (Dr.), 5 Albion St., Lawrence
Frazer, Elizabeth (Mrs. James), 86 Poor St.
Frederickson, Mary J. (Mrs. Charles), V Haverhill St •
Freiwald, Ruth A. (Mrs. Walter T. E.), 7 Sutherland St.

Gabeler, Helene R. (Mrs. William A.), 2 William St.
Gahm, Helen C. (Mrs. George L.), 5 William St.
Gerrish, Hester (Mrs. G. Howard), 6 William St.
Gillen, Anna (Mrs. James), 8 Argyle St.
Graham, Josephine (Mrs. Arthur), 72 Haverhill St.
Graham, Annie D. (Mrs. George L.), 14 William St.
Green, Eleanor R. (Mrs. Herbert L.), 53 Poor St.
Griffin, Mary B. (Mrs. Arthur G.), 8 Kensington St.
Grover, Margaret (Mrs. George), 354 No. Main St.

Hardy, Gladys (Mrs. Charles ), 20 William S.
Hardy, Edith S. (Mrs. Frank H.), Shawsheen Road
Hardy, Ann (Mrs. Philip L.), 111 Chestnut St. --
Harig, Harriet S. (Mrs. Bernard), 1 Windsor St.
Harris, Helen J. (Mrs. Russell H.), 11 William St.
Harrison, Edith (Mrs. Horace), Enmore St.
Hart, Anita (Mrs. Henry E.), 26 Riverina Road
Hill, S. Edna (Mrs. Harry M.), 17 Carisbrooke St.
Hill, Erva (Mrs. James G.), 7 Windsor St.
Hollinghurst, Martha (Mrs.), 3 Dumbarton St.
Holt, Emma E (Miss), Haverhill St.
Holt, Helen L. (Mrs. H. Garrison), Haverhill St.
Holt, Gertrude B. (Mrs. Louis A.), 12 Canterbury S
Holt, Mary S. (Mrs. Percy R.), 8 Dumbarton St.
Horman, Carolyn S. (Mrs. Augustine F.), Lowell St. t.
Horne, Evelyn M. (Mrs. John), 60 Abbott St., Lawrence
Howard, Edith (Mrs. Ernest), 9 Carlisle St.
Howes, Katherine 0. (Mrs. Seva), 7 Rivernia Road
Huddell, Marion (Mrs. Arthur S.), 1 Kensington St.
Huggins, Lena E. (Mrs. Austin C.), 61 Lowell St.

Johnson, Mary L. (Mrs. Ernest), William St.
Jowett, Robertina (Mrs. Arthur), No. Main St.

Kaye, Mary A. (Mrs. Walter), Lowell St.
Kemp, Nellie (Mrs. Thomas), 18 Enmore St.
Knapton, Nellie (Mrs. William), 7 Carlisle St.
Kelty, Salome (Mrs. William R.), Elm St.

Lamont, Frances L. (Mrs. Walter M.), 25 Lowell St.
Lassig, Alice (Mrs. Gustave W.), 40 York St.
Lawson, Florence. E. (Mrs. David R.), 34 Wolcott Ave.
Lawson, Elizabeth F. (Mrs. Edward), 22 Haverhill St.
Lawson, Eva M. (Mrs.), Argyle St.
Lewis, Helen M. (Miss), 128 Lowell St.
Lewis, Fanny (Miss), Lowell St.
Littlefield, Ella K. (Miss), 3 William St.
Livingstone, Clara (Mrs. Alexander), 388 No. Main St.
Livingstone, Edith (Mrs. Stanley), 361 No. Main St
Livingstone, Agnes (Miss), 388 No. Main St.
Lyon, Marguerite (Mrs. Joseph H.), 13 York St.

MacNulty, Johann M. (Mrs. Ignatius), 48 York St.
Matthews, Elizabeth T. (Mrs. Newman), Shawsheen Road
Mayo, Mollie (Mrs. Hubert), 74 Lowell St.
Mayo, Grace (Mrs. Archibald), 74 Lowell St.
McLay, Margaret D. (Miss), 124 Massachusetts Ave., No. Andover
McKay, Sarah (Mrs. William), 6 Dumbarton St.
Meadowcroft, Constance (Mrs.), 3 Dumbarton St.
Mercer, Carolyn E. (Mrs. J. F.), 16 William St.
Merrick, Grace (Mrs. Herbert B.), Lowell St.
Miller, Jessie K. (Mrs. Joseph A.), 56 Poor St.
Mooar, Mary R. (Mrs. Philip C.), 108 Lowell St.
Moore, Agnes W. (Mrs. Albert J.), 3 Windsor St.
Morrisey, Barbara C. (Mrs. William), 66 Poor St.
Morrison, Mildred W. (Mrs. Alexander), 5 Canterbury St.
Morrison, Alice D. (Mrs. Arthur W.), Cedar Row, Medford, Mass.
Morrison, Mae W. (Mrs. Frederick H.), 5 Sutherland St.
Mosher, Florence (Mrs. James R.), 148 Burnham Rd.
Murray, Christina (Mrs. George B.), 17 Balmoral St.

Nelson, Flora (Mrs. Robert), 3 Sterling St.
Noble, Charlotte B. (Mrs. Alexander), 400 No. Main St.
North, Ella (Mrs. Harry C.), Poor St.

Parker, Elizabeth (Mrs.), 22 Riverina Road
Patten, Ruth (Mrs. Howard M.), 20 Riverina Road
Patten, Miriam H. (Miss), 20 Riverina Road
Payton, Marion E. (Mrs. James J.), 9 Carisbrooke St.
Pendleton, Marguerite C. (Mrs. Moses), 3 Kensington St.
Peters, Grace (Mrs. Harold L.), 34 Byron Ave., Lawrence
Peters, Isabelle S. (Miss), 37 Lowell St.
Peters, Isabella S. (Mrs. Thomas), 37 Lowell St.
Phelps, Emma M. (Miss), 86 Lowell St.
Pike, Lillian (Miss), Lowell St.
Pike, Cynthia (Mrs. Walter E.), Lowell St.
Playdon, Adelaide (Mrs. J. H.), 35 Lowell St.
Porter, Dorothy B. (Mrs. Elbert S.), 366 No. Main St.
Potter, Doris (Mrs. Stanley B.), 18 Carisbrooke St.
Pratt, Eleanor R. (Miss), 18 Arundel St.
Pritchard, Nettie (Mrs. Edward) 29 Morton St.

Ratcliffe, Sarah J. (Miss), 140 Saratoga St., Lawrence
Remington, Sarah (Mrs. Augustine), 9 Argyle St.
Rice, Elizabeth E. (Mrs. Paul M.), 15 Canterbury St.
Richard, Una (Mrs. R. A.), 4 York St.
Rickard, Vina (Mrs. Edward M.), 240 No. Main St.
Robbins, Cora (Mrs. C. Boardman), 14 Argyle St.
Robinson, Mary A. (Miss), 40 Union St.
Ryder, Mercie B. (Mrs. Arthur), 2 Carisbrooke St.

Sawyer, Agnes (Mrs. Charles F.), 40 Union St.
Schaake, Ethel (Mrs. Albert A.), 196 Bailey St., Lawrence
Schultz, Barbara (Mrs. George), Enmore St.
Sherburne, Marion (Mrs. Arthur), 8 Carisbrooke St.
Sherman, Anna M. (Mrs. Frederick G.), 9 William St.
Simmers, Willimena L. (Mrs. Henry), 277 No. Main St.
Simmons, Ella B. (Mrs. Clarence J.), 15 Carlisle St.
Sirois, Mary M. (Mrs. George A.), 7 Dumbarton St.
Sirois, Isabel V. (Miss), 7 Dumbarton St.
Sirois, Marie A. (Miss), 7 Dumbarton St.
Smith, Doris W. (Mrs.), 7 Carisbrooke St.
Smith, Mary E. (Mrs. Hubert A.), 7 William St.
Smith, Elizabeth D. (Mrs. John), 14 York St.
Smith, Martha (Miss), 60 Elm St.
Soderberg, Amanda (Mrs. Axel), 404 No. Main St.
Spinney, Julia B. (Miss), 406 No. Main St.
Stevens, Ruth L. (Mrs. Carl H.), 22 Riverina Road
Stowers, Anna M. (Mrs. Nathaniel), 20 Haverhill St.
Stubbs, Abbie (Mrs.), 363 No. Main St.

Taylor, Catherine (Mrs. Robert), No. Main St.
Todd, Ethel R. (Mrs. Robert B.), 4 Sutherland St.
Trow, Amy F. (Mrs. William A.), 31 Lowell St.

Vorrhees, Josephine (Mrs. Myron K.), 6 Carisbrooke St.

Wade, Frances (Mrs. Albert N.), 4 Carisbrooke St.
Walker, Mae V. (Mrs. Vernon R.), 8 Grafton St. Lawrence
Walker, Emily (Miss), Haverhill St.
Wallace, Agnes M. (Mrs. George M.), Aberfoyle
Walther, Elise K. (Miss ), 5 Kensington St.
Ward, Laura G. (Mrs. George D.), 78 Lowell St.
Ward, Margaret J. (Miss), 88 Lowell St.
Ward, Dora A. (Miss), 71 Lowell St.
Warren, Hannah (Mrs. Winfield P.), 10 Ridge Road, Lawrence
Watson, Ethel (Mrs. Luther F.), 18 Argyle St.
Wheelock, Mabel E. (Mrs. Edward), 7 Carisbrooke St.
Whitcomb, Cora E. (Mrs. Monte), Main St. Terrace
Whiteway, Isabel M. (Mrs. Hayward G.), 3 Ferndale Ave.
Whiting, Sophia H. (Mrs. Frank), 9 MSple Ave.
Wilbur, Mary E. (Mrs. Carlton), 1 Carisbrooke St.
Williams, Ethel W. (Mrs. Chester 0.), 16 Argyle St.
Wilman, Isabel (Mrs. George P.), 8 Sterling St.
Winslow, Mary D. (Mrs. George H.), 5 York St.
Wood, Muriel P. (Mrs. Cornelius A.), 18 Poor St.
Wray, Theresa (Mrs. James), 10 Sterling St.

Yale, Jessie (Mrs. Elmer), 76 Poor St.
Yale, Gladys (Miss), 76 Poor St.


Wood, Mrs. William M., 21 Fairfield St., Boston
Wood, Mrs. William M. Jr„ 25 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

In Memoriam

Mrs. Rhoda Lamb, 1922
Mrs. May McGrath, 1923
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