Andover Genes
   ... for those with roots in Andover, MA.
These names were taken from directories published for the Shawsheen Village Women's Club for the years shown.  
There is no copyright notice for any of these.  The information included depends on the year published but can include
spouse's name, current address and death year for some members.  These also included the bylaws for the Club,
however those are not listed here.  

            1921-1922 Member List:

Allen, Mrs. Thomas
Ambye, Mrs. C. Leroy
Anderson, Miss Ethel B.
Anderson, Mrs. Frank
Anderson, Miss Rhoda

Babb, Mrs. Benjamin
Bain, Mrs. Edith H.
Bartlett, Mrs. Frank
Best, Mrs. g. C.
Biddle, Mrs. Charles M.
Billington, Mrs. Helen
Blades, Mrs. philips
Bradbury, Mrs. R.D.
Bredbury, Mrs. Thomas
Buchan, Mrs. John S.
Burk, Mrs. Walter
Burns, Mrs. Matthew

Carter, Mrs. Donald
Cates, Mrs. Harold
Chase, Mrs. Garfield
Coolidge, Mrs. Clarence W.
Colby, Mrs. Lawrence W.
Clark, Mrs. Dana W.
Dane, Miss Priscilla D.
Donald, Mrs. Douglas
Donald, Miss Edith
Donald, Mrs. Walter S.
Dunnells, Mrs. George

Fischer, Mrs. A.B.
Frazer, Mrs. Elizabeth
Frederikson, Mrs. Charles
Frederikson, Miss Elizabeth
Gabeler, Mrs. W.A.
Gahm, Mrs. George L.
Gerrish, Mrs. G.H.
Green, Mrs. H.L.
Grover, Mrs. George

Hardy, Mrs. Frank H.
Hanscom, Miss Helen
Harig, Mrs. Bernard
Holt, Miss Emma
Holt, Mrs. Garrison
Holt, Mrs. Louis
Holt, Mrs. Percy
Horman, Mrs. Carrie S.
Howes, Mrs. Seva

Ide, Mrs. Charles
Johnson, Mrs. Ernest
Kaye, Mrs. Mary A.

Lamont, Mrs. Walter M.
Law, Mrs. Edwin
Lawson, Mrs. David
Lewis, Mrs. Herbert
Little, Mrs. Leonard S.
Littlefield, Miss Ella K.

MacNulty, Mrs. Ignatius
Martin, Mrs. Lawrence
Matthews, Mrs. Newman
Mayo, Mrs. Archie
Mayo, Mrs. Hubert
McGrath, Mrs. William
McLay, Miss Margaret M.
Merrick, Mrs. Herbert
Mooar, Mrs. Philip
Moore, Mrs. Albert J.
Morrison, Mrs. Alex.
Morrison, Mrs. Arthur
Morrison, Mrs. Fred
Mosher, Mrs. James R.
Murray, Mrs. George

Nelson, Mrs. Robert
Noble, Mrs. Charlotte

Paine, Mrs. Robert
Peters, Miss Isabelle
Peters, Mrs. Thomas
Pike, Miss Lillian
Pike, Mrs. Walter
Playdon, Mrs. J.H.

Ratcliffe, Miss Sarah J.
Richard, Mrs. R.A.
Rice, Mrs. Paul
Robinson, Mrs. Herbert
Rutter, Mrs. Walter

Sawyer, Mrs. Charles
Shultz, Mrs. Barbara
Shultz, Mrs. Joseph
Simmers, Mrs. Henry
Smith, Mrs. H.A.
Smith, Miss Martha
Soderborg, Mrs. Axel
Stearns, Mrs. H.D.
Stott, Mrs. George
Stott, Mrs. G.L.

Trow, Mrs. William A.

Walker, Mrs. Vernon
Walker, Miss Emily
Wallace, Mrs. George
Walther, Miss Elise K.
Ward, Miss Dora A.
Whiteway, Mrs. H.G.
Whitworth, Mrs. G.R.
Winslow, Mrs. George
Wood, Mrs. Cornelius A.
Wood, Mrs. H.D.
Whitcomb, Mrs. Montie

Honorary Members:
Wood, Mrs. William M., Sr.
Wood, Mrs. William M., Jr.