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The search for my family history started in Andover, MA years ago, continuing as I found time to
get to Andover from where ever we happened to be in the country at the time, but in that search
I've accumulated a lot of information that doesn't fit my family tree.  It would most certainly help
fill in some gaps for others, however.  I will put a lot of the information I have right here on this
website.   There is no particular order to the additions - I add them as I have time.  Feel free to
email me if you have information that you are willing to share.  

Thank you!

                                     You can search the
                                     site here.    

NEW for 2015 on this site:

A family tree program
- You'll be able to add your tree or Andover based family to this tree after registration.  You won't
have to register to look at the tree since all that will be there are names unless someone wants to add their documentation
here.  You won't be able to download any information from it but you might find a new branch or path to search in the
quest for your roots.

A Bulletin Board -  If you have questions or want to connect with someone else searching for their Andover roots please
feel free to register & post here.  Registration is not required to read any posts.  
Andover Genes
... for those with roots in Andover, MA.
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